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Financial advisors use our tools to easily analyze data and provide clients with actionable advice.

Tool Suite

Portfolio Advisor

Creating model portfolios is straightforward when you do it around a process.

Portfolio Advisor takes the guesswork out of creating model ETF portfolios, putting Nobel Prize-Winning Theory into action, using mathematically-based formulas to determine portfolio holdings.

Odds of Success Advisor

Quantifying the value of a client's portfolio is game-changing.

Odds of Success Advisor allows you to shape client expectations by decoding a range of outcomes. Factoring in over 500 different investing time periods and portfolio inputs, the tool guides you in collaborating with clients to better understand how withdrawals and portfolio allocation impact a client's odds of success.

Tax Tier Advisor

The future of comprehensive tax planning is forcasting tax-tiers.

Tax-Tier Advisor projects future taxable income and deductions in each tax bracket of your client's lifetime, including the impact of state income taxes. 

IRA Withdrawal Advisor

Calculate the profit of your suggestion to take an early IRA withdrawal.

IRA Withdrawal Advisor calculates exactly how much a decision to withdraw money at a low tax bracket will help or hurt a client’s net-worth overtime. 

Cash Flow Advisor

Proper planning enables advisors to provide actionable advice.

Cash Flow Advisor makes it simple for advisors to input data, delivers straightforward output, and generates actual advice like a recommendation to take IRA withdrawals when tax rates are forecasted to be low, claiming social security earlier than age 70 to stave off high withdrawals, and planning on when to sell real estate in the future. 

Fee Advisor

Fees matter, but where they are placed matters more.

Fee Advisor can make a meaningful change in client's net worth over time.  Consider your current fee structure.  Are you being strategic about which client account(s) pay advisory fees?

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