Allocating client assets just got easier.

Our three portfolios, categorized by risk, keep it simple.

Take a look at our portfolio options below.

Core Portfolio

Putting clients' money to work.

The goal of Core Portfolio is to earn a fair return on the investment and compound over time. The name Core represents the center and majority of your investment portfolio and is based on the "Tangency Portfolio" in the Nobel Prize-Winning Theory called "Modern Portfolio Theory."

Fundamental to Core's goal is global diversification. If done properly, diversification should reduce risk but not reduce return. We believe in taking no more risk than is necessary.    

Our DataDriven Process™ calculates exactly how much of your assets should be in different assets classes and why. 

Our model portfolios look like this.

Conservative Portfolio

Preserving clients' purchasing power.

The Conservative Portfolio aims to preserve purchasing power over time, and match or beat inflation. 

When in retirement, we advise between 3-5 years of projected withdrawals be allocated to merely preserve purchasing power. This way, if a market crash occurs, your clients conservative money will hopefully remain intact. This provides a way to fund one’s life without having to “sell low” during market turmoil.  

Aggressive Portfolio

Managing clients' who are risk-takers.

The Aggressive Portfolio still uses the DataDriven Process but is more aggressive in overweighting and underweighting investments based on valuation.

This investing style is only suitable for two types of investors:

Type 1 has more than enough money to meet their needs and merely wants some money in riskier investments. 

Type 2 doesn’t have the asset base to likely meet their long term needs and they have to take on risk somewhere in their life.